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FitSmallBusiness: "Best CRM For Relationship Building = Contactually"

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"Of all the real estate CRMs we tested, Contactually offered the best features for building and maintaining relationships. It has great lead segmenting, automated outreach, the ability to create custom programs for different segments, and a unique letter grade system that ranks your outreach efforts with each lead.

Best of all Contactually is not only easy to use, but somehow manages to make keeping in touch with your leads fun."

- Emile L'Eplattenier, FitSmallBusiness

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With Contactually as your CRM, three easy steps is all it takes to start better managing your contacts and growing your business exponentially. Import your contacts into Contactually and let the app do the work for you by identifying the key relationships in your network you need to get in touch with on a more regular basis.

"With the addition of Contactually, agent productivity has increased by 40%."

- David Conderman, Keller Williams Key Partners


Next, maintain those relationships in your network by following-up. Easily set up your one-of-a-kind system to remind you to reach out to your network. With email templates and ScaleMail, getting in touch has never been easier...or more personalized. Finally, start closing more deals.

"Their bucket and program system is a REALLY efficient way of reaching out to a large group of people in a timely and professional manner ... That alone has lead to deals for my firm."

- Jay Powell CEO, The Powell Group Consulting

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You’ll find there’s more leads than you realize waiting in your network of contacts for you, you just haven’t recognized them yet. But Contactually goes beyond closing the deal. It helps you maintain your relationship with your contacts long after the papers are signed, helping to bring in referrals as you further grow your network and in turn...your business too.

"No one on the team is stressed out. We’re all on the same page and know where everyone is in the process."

- Brandon Doyle, Inman Real Estate Influencer

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